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What we do.

Co-design and participatory practices.
We support innovators in developing socio-technical solutions that answer the real needs of their final users and that are embedded in socio-cultural and organisational practices of target stakeholders. By doing so we help to maximise the uptake of innovations and promote science-citizens dialogues.  


Communication & dissemination for research and innovation.
We develop and implement strategies, tools and campaigns for ensuring an efficient outreach to identified target audiences of research projects and innovation actions, including brand development, online presence and social media, dissemination materials as well as planning, organising and facilitating events.


Exploitation and technology transfer of R&D results.
offer the development of exploitation strategies of your research and innovation projects’ results, to benefit of an early understanding of project potential economic value.  The analysis will help in understanding the economic and financial feasibility of your research and innovation project and set up exploitation and IPR strategies.


Impact assessments.
Moving from a long experience in the field, we co-design tailor-made impact assessment frameworks for different innovation fields so as to make evident the social, economic and political benefits achieved by innovative processes.


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Policy dialogues design and recommendations for emerging topics.
We structure and implement participatory processes to support policy discussions and to facilitate reaching consensus on specific topics to inform public decision-makers and regulatory authorities.

Stakeholder engagement and ecosystem building in current R&D domains.
By developing ad-hoc strategies for stakeholder engagement for research and innovation actions and thematic networks we maximise and boost ecosystem building and achievement of groups’ results.


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