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Restoring physiological functions of organs through ICT implants

DEN is in charge of a policy analysis to investigate and inform EU regulations on ICT implants. In particular, DEN will define the framework for policy analysis providing a deep review of current regulations in the field in order to provide recommendations for future policy development.

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Highlighting the central role of citizens and civil society in the definition of environmental protection and climate action

DEN is leading and coordinating the communication and dissemination of the I-CHANGE Innovation Action which aims at raising awareness on climate issues through citizen-science activities.

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Utilisation of private land for mainstreaming Nature-Based Solution (NBS) in the systemic transformation towards a climate-resilient Europe

DEN is leading and coordinating the communication and dissemination of the LAND4CLIMATE Innovation Action. The main objective of the project is to demonstrate and raise awareness of the usefulness and potential of NBS on private land in promoting climate resilience among local and regional authorities and communities in Europe. 

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Reshaping the media value chain through responsible and innovative uses of data

DEN implemented the socio-economic impact assessment and coordinated the dissemination, communication and ecosystem building activities of the MediaFutures project.

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Modernising the European book publishing industry

DEN is leading the development of the MÖBIUS framework and design principles. In particular, DEN coordinates the user requirements collection activities for the integration and development of the blueprint of MÖBIUS technologies. 

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Integrating immigrants through ICT-based solutions

DEN was in charge of the impact assessment of the REBUILD project and supported the co-design of its socio-technical outputs.

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