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Reshaping the media value chain through responsible and innovative uses of data

DEN is implementing the socio-economic impact assessment and is coordinating the dissemination, communication and ecosystem building activities of the MediaFutures project.

MediaFutures, a new data innovation hub bringing together startups, SMEs and artists to solve challenges in the media value chain to expand on standard models and come up with unconventional ways to engage with quality journalism, science education and democratic processes. It aims to create products, services, digital artworks and experiences through innovative, inclusive and participatory applications of data and user-generated content. MediaFutures supports 51 startups and SMEs, and 43 artists across three Open Calls for applications, distributing a total amount of €2.5 million. Successful applicants receive funding, mentoring and training. The project will also develop a Data Innovation Toolkit Resources for entrepreneurs and artists, and everyone working in-between business and arts, to help them use a variety of methods to widen participation in Artificial Intelligence. MediaFutures is part of the S+T+ARTS ecosystem .

The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 951962.

Project duration: 1 September 2020 – 31 August 2023

Project website:

DEN reports:
Passani, A., De Rosa, S. (2021), MediaFutures Impact Assessment Framework
Firus, K., et al. (2021). MediaFutures Dissemination and communication strategy and instruments
Firus, K., et al. (2021), Intermediary dissemination report v1

DEN also realised various online and offline communication material. Examples can be found here.

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