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MediaFutures: the new European data-driven innovation hub for the media value chain

MediaFutures, a new data innovation hub bringing together startups, SMEs and artists to solve challenges in the media industry, has announced that applications are open for its first accelerator and residency programmes. Startups, SMEs and artists can now apply to become part of the European-funded project.

Over the next three years, MediaFutures will support 51 startups and SMEs, and 43 artists across three Open Calls for applications, distributing a total amount of €2.5 million. Successful applicants will receive funding, mentoring and training.

The three-year project is delivered by a consortium of 10 organisations from six European countries: Leibniz University Hannover (Coordinator), King’s College London, Institute for Research and Coordination in Acoustics/Music (IRCAM) Centre Pompidou, LUISS University, Zabala Innovation Consulting, Next Media Accelerator, Eurecat Technology Centre of Catalonia, Open Data Institute, DEN Institute and KU Leuven. It is funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 framework, Big Data Innovation Hubs programme. MediaFutures is part of the S+T+ARTS ecosystem.

DEN is in charge of the socio-economic impact assessment and the dissemination, communication and ecosystem building activities.

For more information we invite you to visit the MediaFutures project website