DEN typically operates according to three modes:

(1) Offering consultancy services to industry, government bodies, NGOs, research institutions and all those organizations interested in boosting their entrepreneurial and innovation potential

(2) Developing its own research agenda on how design can support entrepreneurial processes, organizing conferences and seminars and producing publications such as peer-reviewed articles, books or white papers

(3) Participating as a Partner of research projects – also EU-funded. Within a research project, design can be, for example, used to:

  • Involve and engage stakeholders, also in participatory design activities and through gamification processes
  • Help defining the project requirements
  • Identify future scenarios
  • Create early visualizations and prototypes
  • Set up and lead piloting activities and test prototypes on final users
  • Define exploitation activities and pathways to the market
  • Lead communication and dissemination activities
Recent dissemination activities
  • February 2015, invited speech at HPAIR Conference, Harvard University
  • March 2015, invited talk at University of the Arts London