Vision: Using design approaches and methods to ignite, support and fuel entrepreneurship.

Design Entrepreneurship Institute (DEN) is a no-profit Belgian think tank aimed at studying and offering consultancy services on how design can be used to support entrepreneurship.

In the current networked economies, innovative ideas, competences and resources are sometimes distributed in different geographic, social, cultural contexts or possessed by diverse people and organizations. Entrepreneurs bring together these ideas, competences and resources forging connections and establishing organizations, which can create economic, societal and environmental value. In this sense, academia, industry and government can adopt an entrepreneurial approach.

DEN is interested in how design can ignite, foster and fuel entrepreneurship.

Design typically operates according to approaches and methods such as:

  • User research and testing, to define at an early stage what the final users and all the involved stakeholders need or expect from a specific project
  • Iterative development processes. Instead of shooting for the final development, design usually breaks up the process in smaller components (iterations). For each iteration one or more prototypes are created, tested and subsequently refined
  • Emphasis on prototyping and visual representations, including data visualization
  • Participatory design: involving relevant stakeholders right in the design process, directly creating with them project specifications and early prototypes
  • Emphasis on communication, branding, storytelling and strategies to engage the audience, including gamification techniques

DEN’s mission is precisely to investigate and offer consultancy services on how these approaches and methods can be beneficial to entrepreneurial activities.

DEN areas of intervention

Diagram showing DEN’s area of intervention.

DEN [den]
“A room, often secluded, in a house or apartment, designed to provide a quiet, comfortable, and informal atmosphere for conversation, reading, writing, etc.” Dictionary.com